Apple Store iPhone Incident – @ owen plotkin 3:18

the day the original iphone was released I put on the orange Hungrr suit and this happened..

We were surprised they let us into the museum that day
and not surprised when they asked me to leave the garden…
Museum of Modern Art hungrr in the garden – owen plotkin (1:50)

Psynk (5:48)
images and sound and music ©owen plotkin

warning: flashing light could cause seizure in epilepsy

TOO CLOSE • A 2001 REACTION (3:48) © owen plotkin
“The attack occurred, I stood and watched
the buildings fall with my own eyes, smelled
the burning plastic from across the river,
later at home, my eyes and ears were unnerved
by the television as it became an unrelenting fear machine.

A Prayer in May. instrumental improvisation – owen plotkin 2008 (1:35)

Oh Great Machine – a song about Google censorship and China (1:13)
Jan ’06, when Google censored China’s Google search engine,
I wrote and recorded this song. – owen plotkin

Plutonian Ode (12:14) by owen plotkin
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