Info on this avant garde experimental film series I curated.

The Electrical Retrospectacle

owen plotkin

One of the series:

G R E E T I N G S :
FRIDAY, JULY 19th, 9pm, Short films for the nervous system * 60’s 70’s
Projected 16mm avantgardeexperimentalunderground FILMS
projected at GALAPALOS 70 N 6th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 718.782.5188
9pm, $10
242.PILOTS live video computer art improv ensemble. Acclaimed throughout Europe and Canada. Featuring:
Kurt Ralske – (ex ultra vivid scene) genius at large, (, HC Gilje, and Lukasz Lysakowski.
MUSIC by – Keith Fullerton Whitman and Greg Davis renowned experimental electronic music composer/performers.
and RADICAL LOW, a modern dance / live video / live electronic music performance, featuring Belgian dancer/choreographer Chantal Yzermans. “A compelling, intriguing alliance of sound and motion” – NY Times

>>>>>>OWEN PLOTKIN’S THE ELECTRICAL RETROSPECTACLE #17 <<<<<<<<<<<<< T H E F I L M S : T H E F I L M S Matrix, James Whitney (1968) color, sound, 6 min. "Visionary filmmaker plumbs the depths of percepconscienceness. All circuits are GO ! " - Plotkin Aparatus sum- Hollis Frampton (1972) color, silent, 2-1/2 min. "Hollis Frampton meditates on what remains."- Plotkin Thanatopsis , Ed Emshwiller (1962) B+W, sound, 5 min. "The moment one's mortality is revealed to be a brilliant gem, fearsome and enchanting."- Plotkin Serpent , Scott Bartlett (1971)15 min.(sound)color "This film - 31 years old - is as now as CNN 31 years from tommorow. Bartlett = genius"-- Plotkin Windowmobile, James Broughton with Joel Singer, 1977, 7-1/2 min., B+W, "Poet James Broughton is always true to his wise, his innocent soul."-Plotkin Straight and Narrow, 1970, 10 min., Beverly and Tony Conrad w/music by Terry Riley and John Cale. "A flickeringly refreshing eyeopener. Pow! "-Plotkin Arabesque for Kenneth Anger, Marie Menken ,(196?) color, sound, 4 min. music by Teiji Ito "Marie Menken's delicate hand leads one to one's own beauty. Behold."-Plotkin Time of the locust-Peter Gessner (1966) b&w, sound, 12 min. "The sky is black with bombers, the grass is crying for man."-Plotkin AND MORE! Astounding pioneering bold personal open poetic film works. Projected 16mm prints at GALAPALOS Films curated by owen plotkin info at