Info on this avant garde experimental film series I founded and curated; The Electrical Retrospectacle 1998-2006
A film series that presented avant garde (experimental,underground,personal and poetic) films projected in 16mm and selected from the extensive catalogues of the Museum of Modern Art Circulating Film and Video Library,the Film makers Cooperative NYC,Canyon Cinema, The Pacific Film Archive (now the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive Library), The Donnell Library Center at 53rd Street (sadly closed in 2008) and private collections.

The Electrical Retrospectacle

owen plotkin

One of the series:

G R E E T I N G S :
FRIDAY, JULY 19th, 9pm, Short films for the nervous system * 60’s 70’s
Projected 16mm avantgardeexperimentalunderground FILMS
projected at GALAPALOS 70 N 6th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 718.782.5188
9pm, $10
242.PILOTS live video computer art improv ensemble. Acclaimed throughout Europe and Canada. Featuring:
Kurt Ralske – (ex ultra vivid scene) genius at large, (, HC Gilje, and Lukasz Lysakowski.
MUSIC by – Keith Fullerton Whitman and Greg Davis renowned experimental electronic music composer/performers.
and RADICAL LOW, a modern dance / live video / live electronic music performance, featuring Belgian dancer/choreographer Chantal Yzermans. “A compelling, intriguing alliance of sound and motion” – NY Times

>>>>>>OWEN PLOTKIN’S THE ELECTRICAL RETROSPECTACLE #17 <<<<<<<<<<<<< T H E F I L M S : T H E F I L M S Matrix, James Whitney (1968) color, sound, 6 min. "Visionary filmmaker plumbs the depths of percepconscienceness. All circuits are GO ! " - Plotkin Aparatus sum- Hollis Frampton (1972) color, silent, 2-1/2 min. "Hollis Frampton meditates on what remains."- Plotkin Thanatopsis , Ed Emshwiller (1962) B+W, sound, 5 min. "The moment one's mortality is revealed to be a brilliant gem, fearsome and enchanting."- Plotkin Serpent , Scott Bartlett (1971)15 min.(sound)color "This film - 31 years old - is as now as CNN 31 years from tommorow. Bartlett = genius"-- Plotkin Windowmobile, James Broughton with Joel Singer, 1977, 7-1/2 min., B+W, "Poet James Broughton is always true to his wise, his innocent soul."-Plotkin Straight and Narrow, 1970, 10 min., Beverly and Tony Conrad w/music by Terry Riley and John Cale. "A flickeringly refreshing eyeopener. Pow! "-Plotkin Arabesque for Kenneth Anger, Marie Menken ,(196?) color, sound, 4 min. music by Teiji Ito "Marie Menken's delicate hand leads one to one's own beauty. Behold."-Plotkin Time of the locust-Peter Gessner (1966) b&w, sound, 12 min. "The sky is black with bombers, the grass is crying for man."-Plotkin AND MORE! Astounding pioneering bold personal open poetic film works. Projected 16mm prints at GALAPALOS Films curated by owen plotkin info at