“Hallie Denied” wrote these words after six years of us trying to have a kid and using all the medical ways of helping without success..we found out the last round of IVF was successful. But then there was a miscarriage as they call it. I think that is not a good word because no one miss carried, no one was to blame and that word kind of implies some mishandling, some kind of mistake. I wrote the words on an envelope one day in my parked car and I cried. We had picked a name even though we had no idea of the gender of the person to be. Hallie. A year or so later- a miracle baby arrived and then a few years after another miracle baby came – after that I sat down and made the words into a song and recorded it around 2002. I’ve had friends and relatives lose children and dedicated this to them and my wife, in my heart, knowing, I could not know the depth of their loss and grief.
“Have you seen my child? I lost her someway… She rose up from the water, She rose up from the sea, She rose up from the ocean, She rose up from the well, She held to her mother’s heart and somehow she fell, have you seen my child, I lost her somehow, my wife held on to her as close and strong as a woman could, my child is missing, silent in the wood, if there’s such a thing as a soul a’startin’, I have seen it, if sadness can drive a woman mad, I have seen it, Hallie, Hallie, Hallie denied, after six years of waitin’ Hallie denied, my heart is broken and broke I shall remain, I’ve lost my child, you can not know the pain, Hallie, Hallie, Hallie denied.” ©Owen Plotkin