6 Things You Don’t Know About Me

1. I was born blue, six weeks premature–I was so small they had to wait a month to do the circumcision, so maybe I wasn’t a Jew for those few weeks and that’s why I’ve been nagged by life-long melancholic nostalgia–yearning for lost Jewishness or mourning my temporary gentile identity?

2. I hesitate to admit I’m an only child, because I know people know that means I’m selfish and spoiled.

3. When I turned 14, I developed a mild form of epilepsy that lasted till my late teens. I was treated with a drug called Dilantin–my mother told me, “Julius Caesar had epilepsy too.”

4. I abused drugs, dropped out of art school, welded my sculptures in my parents’ garage, fronted a punk rock band at night and worked at The New Jersey State Employment Center in Elizabeth, New Jersey, for six months before going back to college.

5. My father was discharged from Mt Saini Hospital with lung cancer while I was in my last year of grad school at NYU–I came home every night to help my mother care for him until he died seven months later.

6. “I fall in love too easily*” so I question the veracity of romantic love.   *Sammy Cahn.

7. I don’t believe everything I read in a person’s bio; people tend to exaggerate, embellish, omit unflattering facts, and often lie.


Owen Plotkin earned his MFA from NYU Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film and Television,Studied coding at NYU Center for Advanced Technology in Multimedia.Attended Hartford School of the Arts, The Hartt School, western and contemporary music history.Co-Founded film editing company – the now corporation in 2003 and serves as chief officer.

Plotkin’s tv and radio commercial voiceover work led to his membership in SAG AFTRA. (Owen Plotkin is a current SAG-AFTRA member in good standing and is available for voice over work. owen@thenowcorporation.com )

Owen Plotkin founded and curated The Electrical Retrospectacle 1998-2006;A film series that presented avant garde; experimental, underground, personal and poetic films, projected in 16mm and selected from the extensive catalogues of the Museum of Modern Art Circulating Film and Video Library, the Film makers Cooperative NYC,Canyon Cinema, The Pacific Film Archive (now the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive Library), The Donnell Library Center at 53rd Street (sadly closed in 2008) and private collections.

Plotkin apprenticed with sculptor/welder Meyers Rohowsky and studied painting with Emily Sturkie. A self taught guitarist, he writes songs, sings and writes poetry. He studies voice with renowned composer and voice teacher Marisa Michelson. Plotkin practices TM. However he does not levitate.

Plotkin collaborated on film/art performances with Mary Jordan and Tony Conrad at Performa 1999 and Jordan’s Parthenogenesis at the Box and Canal Room

He founded Hungrr,LLC in 2005 to help raise awareness to the facts and issues surrounding hunger in the USA.

Plotkin’s net art has been exhibited:
Cyber Kitchen 2002
FILE Festival 2004 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Electronic Language International Festival.
HTML Color Codes, September, 2009,Curated by Carolyn Kane for Rhizome/New Museum
Soundlab New Media Fest 2010,

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