“Wishbones and Bows” © new work in progress
wishbones and bows
I’m tired of my own reflection
I’m tired of
the sound of my guitar
to the best of my recollection
I’ve never crawled out this far
I’m an architect kickin out windows,
a gardener who’s gone colorblind,
a bookend on a park bench sighin’
out memories of our skin
and breath entwined
Is love a circle forever,
or just some words on a page
is it granite or gold or never,
old wishbones and bows tied on a cage
i need the full moon to feel
I need to know my heart is real
I’m a grown man in a candy store cryin’
theres nothing left here to steal
the shape of your body’s lyin’
across somebody’s else’s big brass bed
i just had to give up tryin
and finish our song instead

©2022 owen plotkin