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lyric in progress owen plotkin

what is permanent?
a house may survive it’s family.
and it’s family again
for how many generations
infants taken home
and then the backhoe takes it down
what is permanent?
a grandchild a grandmother
a staircase
a swing
a garden
what is permanent?
a universe
a hand offered
a hand taken and held
a heart filled
and broken
what is permanent?
a vow
an oath
a promise
a lie
a moment relived
and relived again
what is permanent?
a naked swim
the ocean
a graveyard
a smile
eyes filling with tears
a dizzy rush of anticipation
what is permanent?
a leaf on the wind
a fading rose on old wood
a wish
what is permanent?

“Daily Practice” Journal entry owen plotkin 2016

Daily practice
A faulty instrument
behind a door propped up in a broom closet
a clarinet with bad posture
singing like Rauschenberg’s goat
shamed,splattered with paint,decaying
and humiliated by an old tire.
And celebrated? A prize in the
permanent collection. A shadow
phantom earlier self, circles the antique
modern self of now. What song is this?
What rough soulful sound?

improv recorded 2008